Individualized, on-site learning events

The FlugleFluff team uses The RARE Approach as the basis for each event. We create an environment for your learners and bring it to your location. Events are designed to meet individual abilities and ages. Participants are able to explore, share interests, play with ideas and solve problems. We demonstrate how to support learning and collaborative work. This means you leave with an understanding of the approach and the ability to use it.


FlugleFluff learning events are either full or half day sessions and require a meeting room, with tables and chairs. Events contain multiple workshops and are designed to meet the needs of parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, supervisors, managers and business owners. They can be customized for large organizations, schools and individual sites.  Costs vary based on the number of attendees, travel costs and pre-purchased books. 

Learning Events


The Wellness Branch: six keys to staying healthy

Do you wonder why you just can't keep going? Do you ask how do I stay healthy? Discover why caring for yourself helps you care for others. Learn great techniques for busy parents and professionals. Find time in your days for the practice of good health.


My Grandparent and Me: celebrating imagination and play together

Not sure how to entertain children without a DVD? Make your time together more than just another afternoon. Learn how children and grandparents / grown-ups can explore together, share books and have fun!


Innovation and Imagination: developing problem solving skills at any age

When there's a problem, what can you do? How do you overcome the desire to run away or give up? Learn to meet challenges with innovative thinking. Uncover your hidden assumptions and strengths. Discover the power of your imagination and develop your problem solving abilities.


It's Not About You and It's All About You: The RARE Approach to Service and Sales

How do you give the customer what he or she wants? What can you do to sell yourself or your product? How do you find out what a person needs? What is the best way to help someone understand what you offer? When you learn The RARE Approach you will improve how you interact, provide better service and generate more sales. 


The Stories We Tell Others and Ourselves:
leadership in the workplace, classroom or community

Why tell a story? Why not just list the facts? What difference does a story make? Learn how telling a story involves a person's logical and emotional sides. Discover how to help people understand why a job needs to be done and get them to want to help. Bring out the leader in you and change how you see yourself.


Heroes and Heroines: the quest for recognition in the workplace

What makes someone do more?  Why does one person help when another doesn't? How do you help someone do a better job? Learn how recognition and relationships lead to productive work and learning. 


How much do we need? – proportional reasoning in day to day life

How long will this take? What steps are involved? What are the ingredients? Reasoning, deciding, measuring are needed every day. 

These decisions affect how we live and what we do. Find ways to think productively and keep things in proportion. Determine how to divide your time and attention to get the results you want.


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