The FlugleFluff team has years of experience and expertise in education, supervision and business management. This included our own early childhood center and elementary school, with before and after school care and infant, toddler and preschool programs. We've worked for large corporations, with high school and college students and in Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms. We know what it takes to provide service to clients, support staff and work within budgets. As educators, managers and entrepreneurs, we've met the challenges you're facing and we can help. We provide consulting services on how to improve your business, ways to connect with customers, help with measuring progress, hiring practices, training staff, accountability, collaboration, classroom management, working within budgets and communicating with your community.

Our Team

Colleen Thomas, M. Ed. – Founder, Writer & Educator

Colleen Thomas, children’s author & educator holds a masters degree in education, and is a life-long educator and storyteller. With over 30 years experience in education and business, Colleen has implemented educational programs, trained and mentored co-workers in public education, private schools and head start and early head start classrooms. As co-director and founder of Children’s Choice, a private elementary school and early childhood educational center, she developed age appropriate curriculum and enrichment programs for over twenty years. She believes in the power of storytelling as a way to motivate and educate learners of every age.


Tim Thomas - Founder, Manager & Educator


Tim Thomas has expertise in both education and business. As co-director of Children's Choice elementary school and early childhood education center, Tim managed the school and also taught preschoolers. In the corporate arena, Tim has mentored and trained colleagues, supervised multiple locations and worked to improve and expand those businesses. Tim helps people see how good they are and how they can improve.


Scott Thomas – Administrator, Musician & Educator


Scott Thomas is a K-12 Vocal / Instrumental Music Educator with varied educational experience in the private and public sector. In addition to working for several major corporations, Scott has continued to hold a strong testament for education. Owning and operating a private music studio, working in the classroom and acting as musical director for many musical theater productions are a few of the milestones of Scott's educational career. Scott's greatest strength as an educator is truly finding an individual curiculum for every student.


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