We make content memorable.

After an all day conference, have you ever wondered: What did I actually learn? Or asked why did they choose this presenter? During the presentation, have you thought how will this help me? Or afterwards, wondered why you couldn't remember what was said?


FlugleFluff Productions is a learning and performance company. Because we are educators, we know how people learn. We know lecture is the least effective way to communicate; so we don't do it. 

Instead, we tell stories, share ideas, give examples and get you involved. Our events require participation, thinking and sharing. We connect new concepts to what you already know. We attach new skills to those you've already mastered. We help you reinforce ideas and practice.


FlugleFluff philosophy

For over 40 years, we’ve worked with learners of all ages, helping them do more than they thought they could. Our work has been based on The RARE Approach, a consistent way to empower others and ourselves. Knowledge is communicated and skills are developed through interaction. Interactions are more effective when we remember to respect, acknowledge, re-direct and encourage others. It’s not enough to focus on what is to be accomplished or learned. We must also understand how people learn.  From early infancy to the elder years, we work with and learn because of our relationships. The RARE Approach is the way to build and maintain those relationships.


The FlugleFluff story and message

The FlugleFluffs were created by Scott Thomas for his story "A day with the Fluglefluffs." In that story, the FlugleFluffs came to Earth because their planet was being destroyed. Not being from Earth, the FlugleFluffs had an out of this world perspective. They approached each task as a way to survive, but also as part of their adventure. They were space pioneers, who turned their rocket into a boat and learned to fish for a living.  


Like the FlugleFluffs, we embrace an out of this world perspective. We believe life is an adventure not just survival.  We know our reaction is as important as what happens to us. Through our choices we create authentic, purposeful and enjoyable lives.